Mobile Metro Chapter-NPHC “Connecting with Cochran”

July 13, 2012




This past Spring Mobile Metro Chapter-NPHC teamed up with the Cochran Firm-Mobile to host a networking reception called “Connect with Cochran.” The purpose of the event was two-fold; it also helped shine the light on a non-profit organization such as Mobile Metro-NPHC…along with being a fund raising effort.

Guest included various community businesses & organizations that weren’t familiar with NPHC nor its community efforts. So, NPHC reps used that platform to inform attendees about its history, ideals, and goals. Guest also learned how they could support the efforts of NPHC…either through donations, sponsorships, or physical support at events.

The networking reception was a success to say the least! Mobile Metro-NPHC walked away with a couple hundred dollars in donations along with pledges for future donations…plus, more people are now informed about the efforts of NPHC!

Written By Deitra Tate-Reid


March 13, 2012

I bring greetings to my Brothers and Sisters in Greekdome from the Mobile Metro Chapter of the National Pan-Hellenic Council. It gives me great pride to report to you that all is well and that the Council is back and in full swing. As the President of this chapter, I’ve set out to attain my vision of returning this body back to its former glory and standing within our community….to make it one that we all could be proud of.

Some of the tasks and projects I’ve charged the members with are familiar ones: the annual Alumni step show used to fund the NPHC scholarships, Greek night out social events renamed ‘NPHC Business Mixer,’ and new challenges such as teaming up with local schools’ educators and helping to ease some of their supply needs. We will also volunteer our time to some of our most needy charities around the county. I want to get this body back to business of serving the ‘Divine 9’ and the community as was the intention of this organization.

So, as we take this journey back to the basics, we will need your help. I pose this request to each organization: I want to hear your concerns and would like to have your feedback on the progress of the Mobile Metro National Pan-Hellenic Council. Before I leave office, I hope to return this body to one of a resource for each organization. Please feel free to contact me with any questions at or through your representative. I am excited about this year and the team that has been assembled as your representatives. You each should be proud of the hard work they’re putting in the name of Sigma, Delta, Gamma Rho, Omega, Alpha, Zeta (Prichard), Zeta (Mobile), AKA and Kappa. We work for you in support of each other’s efforts, goals, and commitments. As our unofficial charge go’s, “We’re Back!

Divinely Yours

Bien D. Harbin, Sr, President

Mobile Metro Chapter of the National Pan-Hellenic Council

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